I am really trying my best to commit to decluttering my things this 2017. So here’s my second batch of empties for the first quarter of the year. If you haven’t seen the first part, you may check this post: Part 1: January Empties.

I didn’t think I will finish more things from my collection since it has only been three months, but here I am, adding more products to my pile. When we welcomed 2017, I made a rule for myself: Finish 1, Get 1. So far, it has been a success and I am honestly enjoying every bit of product that I have.

I think I should shut up now, right? Here are the products that I finished from February ’til present:

Boots SkinClear Deep Cleansing Toner
I ran out of my usual toner from Mario Badescu and wasn’t able to get it coz shipping was so expensive, so I rushed to the nearest drugstore to get myself a new one. Everything was so expensive and I believe this is the cheapest one. I do not regret purchasing this product because it does the job and it didn’t break me out!

GlamGlow mask samples
I got these as a point-perk from Sephora as I finally reached Black Card status after almost 4 years. I used to buy a small tub of the black one (their names are too long so I will just address them by color) and I loved it so I was super excited when I saw that this was the point-perk available. I also loved the blue one! I keep it on my face overnight and wakeup with a very moisturized face. As for the green, I think I’ll give it a pass next time.

Inglot Duraline
I have been de-potting and repressing some of my shadows recently. I can’t believe I would finish this product since you’re only supposed to use it when gel products go dry. I love mixing this with my pigments as I press them into pans because it doesn’t really change their effect compared to when I use alcohol. Yes, alcohol dries fast, but my eyeshadows repressed with alcohol doesn’t seem to work the same.

Majolica Majorca Lash King
I have used up the smaller version of this on my Part 1. I didn’t really want to throw it out, but it has been about six months and my eyes started to get sensitive whenever I use it.

Clinique All about eyes eye cream
I got it together with the moisturizers in tube that was also in Part 1. I had to force myself to finish this because I didn’t really notice any changes on my under eye. Yes, it feels silky and soft after application, but it feel more silicone-y than moisturized. I am now happy with my eye cream from Kiehl’s.

Evian Facial Spray
For the Nth time, I will say this: I have very dry skin. This helps me feel refreshed in the middle of the day. I spray before and after makeup. I spray when my face starts to feel tight and it really helps bring back the moisture. I know, it’s just water but I really love how this feels on my skin.

Sephora Makeup Remover Gel
Honestly, I wasn’t really planning to get this. I had to purchase something from Sephora so I can get the Glamglow sample pack. As for the product, it’s like micellar water in a gel form. Sure, it takes off my makeup, but I really didn’t feel anything special.

Makeup Geek Pigment in Utopia
If you are familiar with this pigment, for sure you’d say: “How did you finish that?!” because it is very unique and definitely not for everyday use. Well, remember when I mentioned making a ‘gel’ eyeshadow on this post? I did the same with Utopia. I mixed it with a black eyeliner. Half of my Inglot 77 Gel liner was used to mix with the pigment. So, now I have two black liner. One matte, one glittery.

Inglot powder (I forgot the actual name)
I love this powder. I think I love this more than my Laura Mercier, there I said it. The powder is super fine and is actually yellow so I think it brightens more. I feels silkier on skin and keeps oil at bay longer.

Laura Mercier Candle Glow Foundation
I believe I have mentioned this on my current foundation collection post. 🙂

Garnier Micellar Water in Oil
I have tried the original and the purple one. I like this one best because even though it has oil, it doesn’t feel as oily as the purple one when removing my makeup.

Caudalie Divine Oil
You know that aisle on Sephora just before the counter? Yes, I got lured to this. I was actually eyeing their facial spray but it was too much for my budget that time so I tried this in place of my Kiehl’s midnight recovery serum. I use it on my face before moisturizer at night. I also use it on my legs, arms and where ever it is dry. I like that it get absorbs easily so my face doesn’t feel oily and soothes my dry flaky skin.

Kpalette Real Lasting Eyeliner
I finally finished this, I thought it wouldn’t! I love this eyeliner. I love that it really stays on my eyelids all day and is very easy to use. It has a brush tip that I prefer for eyeliners (Ugh, I hate those felt tip eyeliner pens!!!)

Whew~ This is probably my longest post on this blog! I am definitely committing to this and finish more products on my collection. I am excited to minimize the number of products on my vanity.

See you on the next empties post!

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