One of my favorite things to watch on YouTube are videos of other people showing off their collections, hauls and the things they bring everyday. I am currently on a hiatus on YouTube, so I am doing this again here. Yesterday I saw Helga‘s video about what’s in her bag, and that inspired me to finish this post.

I didn’t notice that I skipped What’s in my bag for 2016, so I am doing this early. My last bag post was this. So much has changed. I now have less items in my bag! I got this Zara bag as a hand-me-down from my colleague. She didn’t want it, she gave it to me 🙂 Thanks, Sandra!

Since 2017 started, I really wanted to live with minimal things. I want to just keep whatever I need. I used to bring a lot, a big bag with lots of thing I don’t really need, making my bag heavy and making my back issues worse. Honestly, all I need is my wallet and phone.

Anyway, here are the items I bring every single day:

Wallet and house keys – This is essential!

Eyeglasses and case – My eyesight has been getting more and more horrible.

External HD and cord – I don’t usually bring this, but I asked my colleague for a copy of some series I wanna watch.

Headphones – Not sure why I still have this coz I RARELY use it.

Mini-atomizer for perfume – Of course I don’t want to bring a big bottle of perfume.

Lipstick – I bring whatever is on my makeup capsule for the week.

Painkillers – Because I suffer from back pain and Sciatica.

Journal – To check everything on my list.

THREE pencils – No idea why I have three.

A pen – For my journal

Trash: invoice for cat litter and cat food. LOL, They even wrote Malena Scordia as my name on it.

I am cleaning out my bag soon so, I will even have less things to bring everyday. Hopefully, my back will be better.

Just like everyone else: super-nosey, I wanna know what’s in your bags, too. Link me up 🙂

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