So! Hello, I am Malen. I just turned 30! woot! woot! I haven’t been around for the past few months. I was hibernating. I just didn’t feel like doing anything on this blog, on my channel. I even deleted almost ALL of my Instagram posts and started posting new ones – mainly my drawings.

Enough of the nonsense, here are the 10 things I’ve learned in my 30 years:

  1. Adult-ing is hard. But you’ll get through it.
  2. Once you get a cat, you’ll always want more! LOL I have three!
  3. Marriage is hard work, but worth it.
  4. Working abroad will give you a different view in life. Life is hard when you are away!
  5. I will always need help from my mom. Thanks, Ma!
  6. It’s not too late to start doing what you really love.
  7. But at this age, I still haven’t found that one thing that I really want to do.
  8. Happiness is a choice.
  9. It’s always good to look back in the past and make fun about the things I’ve done.
  10. Universe won’t fail us. Just ask and you’ll get it. Maybe not now, but it will happen!

Thank you Universe for everything!

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