Hi guys! I’ve been obsessing over youtubers for years now, but lately, I’ve been spending my most of my time watching my fellow Filipino Youtubers. I am so glad that us Filipinos are slowly going out of our shells and expressing ourselves through video blogging.

I have tried video blogging since 2008! That time, Youtube was just just a video search engine. Although I’ve started early, I change my mind every time and stupidly enough, I do stupid decisions–DELETING EVERYTHING! I started again about last year but for some reasons (which I still need to film…), I stopped and haven’t got the chance to go back yet.

For now, let me share with you my favorite Pinoy/Pinay Youtubers.


Wil Dasovich – Wil is a Pinoy American guy who started his channel to learn more on how to speak Tagalog. I just discovered this guy about two weeks ago and it was an instant subscribe moment because 1-He’s cute (LOL), 2-his content is very entertaining,, 3-I love his humor 4-I love his travel videos, and 5-I love his parents. I am so glad I found his channel.

Janina Vela – Janina is a 17-year old young lady who does beauty and lifestyle videos. I discovered her through her Divisoria Haul video and started following here since then. I think It was about the same time when I started watching Wil. I love her bubbly personality and the fact that at her very young age, she’s already successful in doing the thing she loves. One thing I don’t like about her: I feel old everytime I watch her. Huhu.

Anna Cay – I also just discovered Anna recently. She does beauty videos and daily vlogs. I love the quality of her videos as well as her personality. She seems very sweet and very soft spoken. I love how she does her reviews-very informative. And oh dear, you may or may not want to watch her haul video because you’ll either be very happy to see her things or die of envy 🙂

Viel Fernandez/WildlyProfuse – a London-based Pinay! I’ve been following her for almost 2 years now. She does makeup videos, too. Sadly, she’s been inactive for a while now ever since she started working, but you should still check her channel out.

Anne Clutz – I have been following Anne for years now. I think she only have about 1,000 subscribers when I discovered her. It was also an instant subscribe moment because she’s very entertaining and her videos are informative. She’s very simple and I think what everybody love about her is that she uses local and affordable products in her videos.

I still have a lot on my list, but these 5 are on top of my list. Hopefully, I’ll get my mojo back so I can film again so I can be in someone’s list, too. Haha! I hope you also support my channel once I become active again. Click here and please subscribe. ~SHAMELESS PLUG~

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll be back soon! 🙂

11 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Filipino Youtubers”

  1. hi you can also what ITSJUDYSLIFE another filipiina who vlogs her daily life and she has 2more channels ITSJUDYSTIME and ITSMOMMYSLIFE i love watching never miss any of her videos..

  2. Hi We’re new youtubers from Davao . I hope you can feature us in one of your article. Our videos are pure fun, smart and with style …hope you can watch our latest video thanks

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