Hello! I am back again! (WTF, Malen. Get your sh*t together and post more!!!) I am so sorry for being MIA most of the time. I admit, I have all the time in the world to blog but my bed loves me so much (vice versa).  Who else can relate? I won’t promise but I’ll try my best to be active again. No more promises, promise! :p


On this post I am going to talk about 5 things that I have been wanting to do since I-don’t-know-when. I am planning to tick off some of these things before I reach 30! I remember, I planned to stop dyeing my hair red when I reached 25, but then I realized… YOLO!

First thing: DREADLOCKS. Guys, calm down. I’ve been really wanting to do this since I graduated in high school and so much more when I entered college after seeing other fellow students who are sporting dreadlocks. I never got the courage to do it coz I am not ready to chop all of my hair when I don’t want it anymore. Plus, my family will definitely think I’m crazy! 🙂

And then I stumbled upon this girl (click her photo to know more about her):


I stumbled upon her on Youtube back in 2011, and ever since I have decided that I will do it one day! AAAAND… As of today, I have about 8 on my head. I’m keeping it like that for now. maybe I’ll keep it, maybe I’ll brush it out soon. I really don’t know… I’m not sure I can commit to become a full dread head. Still, yay!

Second: TRAVEL… ALONE! This is a staple item on almost everyone’s list but since I’m already married, most people think I wanna travel with my husband. Of course I do, but I really wanna travel alone, too. I love the feeling of getting lost and discovering places by myself. And another reason is I love sleeping in the bus, plane, cars… As long as it’s a moving vehicle, I will sleep. 🙂

I just really wanna go somewhere alone, as long as I have internet. Haha!

Third: SKATE. Just like dreadlocks, I’ve been wanting to learn to skate since high school. Back then, every boys in my school know how. Knowing myself, I am so clumsy and trip a lot, that’s why I never got to try it out coz I am scared of falling. Then I saw Buzzfeed’s Lady like segment where they tried to learn how to skate and that inspired me. I feel like I’m too old to be scared of things already. It’s time for me to do things I am scared to do. Hopefully, soon.

Fourth: COOK AND BAKE. Yeah, I am one of those people who’s not gifted when it come to kitchen. I just learned how to cook basic dishes when I started working abroad. It’s true, you’ll learn how to do everything when you’re away from what you’re used to. It was too late when I realized that I am spending too much on food from the cafeteria. When it comes to baking, I only know the basic cupcakes and cakes. Thanks Auntie Betty Crocker!

Too bad, I don’t have a proper kitchen in our place to practice my kitchen skills. 🙁

Lastly: LOSE WEIGHT. Ugh. I was around 48 kilos when I left Manila for Singapore. I gained up to 55 and I managed to bring it back to 50. Now, I have no idea how much I weight. I am honestly too scared to check. Most of my pants doesn’t fit me anymore. My double chin and arms grew. My thighs and waist is bigger. I know it’s my fault coz I am too lazy to move my ass off from the bed! But I really really wanna go back to my old weight. I MUST WORK OUT! #adultproblems

So there, I know these are shallow things compared to most of you but I am a very shallow person. ~pa-deep lang ako 🙂

How about you? I know you have things in mind that you want to happen. I wanna know, too! 🙂

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