I have been eyeing this foundation since I first saw it on youtube. A lot of beauty gurus I follow loves this and that made me want to try it out. I stayed away from Sephora for a while because I was trying to control my expenses (Hello, adulthood) but this time I wasn’t able to resist. This is the first product I ever tried from Too Faced and I have high expectations.

It was super busy when I got to Sephora because of the holiday and everyone is going GAGA (get it?) over shopping! I was very much focused to get my bottle of Born this way foundation, so I walked directly towards by the Too Faced kiosk and contemplated for about 15 minutes (I am serious). I wanted to get either Warm Beige or Sand, but sadly, only Golden and Caramel was left and there were only two pieces of Golden!


I am not sure why it is named Golden. I expected it to be more yellow toned, but I really wanted to try it out so I got it. I was quite disappointed with the shade because it wasn’t as yellow as I wanted. Yes, I am one of those girls who loves their yellow based foundations!

It definitely looked dark when I tried it on my hand but on my face, it is almost exactly the same shade as my face, tad bit darker, but it was workable. I love how it feels upon application and it was so easy to blend. It has this gel-like consistency (in my opinion) and gives me medium coverage with a skin-like finish 🙂


As you can see on the photo, it covered most of my scars. I believe that if added another layer, it will fully cover everything but I don’t like super heavy coverage. As much as possible, I still want to see my skin. Maybe I am just used to lighter foundations that’s why I am not 100% liking it. If only it was more yellow, I’d probably love it, no buts.


Staying power was okay! It blended with my skin well through out the day and looked very natural. Not sure if it shows up in the photo properly, but in real life, I can still see some of my blush and contour at the end of the day. And I am happy to say that it didn’t oxidize on me so even if I am not happy with the shade, it was fine. The coverage faded on some parts but that is normal with my skin, my scars are so pigmented, they show up no matter how much I try to cover them up!


Final verdict: I love it and will continue to use it. Will probably repurchase a lighter shade in the future so I can mix them together to get the shade that I want, but for now, I’ll just use a lighter powder to balance everything out. 🙂

Packaging: ★★★★★
Texture: ★★★★☆
Price: ★★★☆☆ (175 AED – Quite pricey for me)
Staying power: ★★★★☆

2 thoughts on “Too Faced Born This Way Foundation | Review”

  1. HUHU! I’ve always wanted to try this foundation but it’s too expensive for me!!!! I like my yellow based foundations too! I get so disappointed when my foundations have the slightest pink/neutral undertone. HAHA.

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