Oh dear, I totally forgot about this post! It has been on my drafts for a looooooooooong time. I am so sorry about that, I have been so lazy for the past few months and too occupied with taking care of our new place and my cats. insert more lame excuses here

Anywayyyyy, I have been wanting to post about this since I got it last ehem July, from this haul. It’s the Smokey Nudes palette from GOSH which I got for free because I purchased their mascara. As what its name says, has a mixture of nude and dark colors which can be used for your everyday look to a very glam look. (?) —Why? Read on.


As I was choosing the item that I want as a freebie, I immediately picked this because I thought it would be a such amazing deal. Where in the world can you get a free full palette, right? Although I love the colours on the pans, I am not happy with this palette. The only good thing with this palette for me is that I got it for free. I think this palette will only work for beginners, to those who just want to practice putting on eyeshadows.



I rarely use it, only on lazy days. And I only use the nude colours, as the darker ones look muddy on me.


Here are the swatches, no primer. It swatches well on hands, but the colours doesn’t show up that well on my eyes. Even with primer, I had to go back and apply the colour couple of times. I also didn’t like that some colours goes on really patchy on me (I am not sure how it works with outer people), like the blue and the darkest gray. One more thing, whenever I apply the colours, it looks the same on my eyes, it’s so weird (sorry, I have no photos of the product on my eye).

I do love the neutral side and the silvers, though.


Packaging: ★★★★☆
Texture: ★★☆☆☆
Price: ★★★★★ (FREE, LOL!, but it’s actually 120AED if sold separately)
Staying power: ★★☆☆☆

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