Oh wow! I didn’t realize I was away for a long time! I am so sorry for not updating/posting anything for the past two months here and on my youtube account. I actually don’t know how to start again.

We just moved to a bigger place and so much closer to our workplace. It’s been a month but I still have lots of things to do. Still needs to fix the place to make it more homely. Thanks for everything, IKEA! I love you! Hopefully, I can update on that soon.

On my last post, I have already introduced my cat, Luci. Well, now we have two fur babies. It’s so funny how much I didn’t like cats few years back. Internet, you have changed me! Now, I am all about these babies. insert heart emojis here


Here’s Lili, my little grumpy queen. Can;t wait for them to fully accept each other. Luci is already very friendly and playful towards Lili but this girl is still too shy and aggressive. Patience, self!


So… yeah, I have been away and all I can post now is just about my cats. What have you done, internet!?

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