I could have chosen not to go to my cousin’s place for summer vacation that year when my Papa died because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have that memory of him bringing me chocolates and telling me he’ll bring me more. 🙁

I could have stayed in one school but I’m glad I didn’t because it’s fun having lots of classmates and friends. Like when I go to Batangas or Laguna, for sure I have someone to chat with. Plus, reminiscing old times doesn’t get boring. 🙂

I could have picked Architecture in college but I’m glad I chose my original path. I would have not met my friends now if I did.

I could have fought for my thesis back in college but I’m glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t have been able to experience working and paying for my last semester.

I could have continued working in that Korean gaming company but I’m glad I didn’t because I love Brandworx!

I could have had lots of boyfriends when I was younger but I’m glad I didn’t because I’m already happy with what I have experienced with just crushes and boy-friends. Hahaha!

I could have not joined Tumblr back in 2009 but I am so happy I did! I met my most precious friends and if it wasn’t for it, I don’t think I will meet Lester 🙂

I could have chosen to stay in Manila and work but I’m glad I chose working abroad because I believe, being away from my family made me strong.

I could have stayed in Singapore and not chose to not come here in Dubai but I’m glad I did because I am with Lester.

I could have just saved up all the money I used for all the makeup I have but I am very happy I didn’t because if it wasn’t for makeup, I won’t be doing this blog and I’ll get bored to death at home on weekends!

This is not a regret post but the other way around. I have lots of what ifs and what could have beens but that has passed. There’s no reason to sulk for those times because we cant do anything about it anymore. We just have to level up on living the present to the fullest. The important thing is what we have become now and I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished. I may have down times and question my decisions a lot but in the end, I am happy with what I have and who I am now.

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