I have always wanted red hair. It started when Lizzie and Miranda started to wear colorful highlights (LOL Lizzie McGuire). I remember right after I graduated in high school, I persuaded my mom for weeks just to let me dye my hair. It was medium brown boxed dye and it barely did anything. I originally wanted light brown but I didn’t know how boxed dyes work back then. I don’t have internet (would you believe that?!) so I wasn’t able to research.

Fast forward to college, I didn’t get to dye my hair regularly plus my hair got so damaged because I was under the sun a lot. Thanks ROTC (military training)! I only got back to dyeing my during my senior year but it was just different boring shades of brown.

I started going crazy with hair dyes about 5-6 years ago. I still opted boxed dyes because I was scared of bleaching my hair. Last 2011, I posted this – my hair adventure for a year and then I stopped.

Four years forward, here I am , still dyeing my hair crazy colors! The images above doesn’t show all the hair changes I made (this shows only 18, there were so much more in between!) I’ve gone from dark brown to bleaching the ends to different shades or red and then going back to brown and throwing some green in between. I am just so glad that my hair is still fine after going through so much. And I can honestly say, right now, my hair is at its longest and still healthy.

How is it not fried or falling off yet? I don’t wash my hair regularly. The water here is so hot and I am scared of burning my hair and scalp! I go around 3-4 days before I wash my hair and when I do, I make sure I only shampoo the roots! The deep condition every time I wash it and then argan oil and dry shampoo in between. I go for a trim when I feel like my ends are drying up (2-3 months). I also stopped bleaching about six months ago or more but I still use boxed dyes and salon dye. I don’t feel the need of bleaching since I am no longer aiming for bright anime red.

If you haven’t seen yet (check my instagram and facebook), here’s how my hair looks now. I just can’t stop dyeing it red!


PS. Green and Gray are still my dream colors to have but for now, I’ll try to keep this one ’til I can.

2 thoughts on “My 5-year Hair Adventure”

  1. Gusto ko pa din mag-gray!!!

    And blonde is very bagay on you. <3

    Gaano kainit tubig dyan? When we lived in Los Banos, water would always be hot so my dad would fill up basins and pails tapos papa-cool down niya yung water dun haha.

    1. sobrang init to the point na magcrack yung ipunan ng water for the toilet. and umuusok talaga! nagiipon ako at night para may pang banlaw ng buhok pag naisipan kong magshampoo hahaha

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