Hiiii!!! I missed a couple of Fridays and I’m doing this again! It’s Ramadan this month so that means we go home early, thus, I can/should be productive. But the heat is unbearable that when I arrive home, I go straight to bed and doze off.

Anyway, here are my happy things this week 🙂

  1. I posted another video! Yay! Really getting used to filming and posting. I really hope I can do this til the end.
  2. Unlike about a week or two ago, my shopping ban is going downhill. I have totally broken my ban and I officially end it. This is still a happy thing because I got myself a new light! 😀 AND I got through about three weeks of no makeup purchases!
  3. Lester’s birthday and we got some new art materials and containers. I swear, Muji kills off our budget.
  4. Again, my Dunkin Donuts loyalty card. I just love their iced coffee.
  5. This news! That’s my uncle, right there. (Jessie Tolentino)
  6. This photo. I think it’s so cute, Puss represents my dad. 🙂
  7. Work was very smooth this week for me.
  8. I hate speaking in front of people. Surprisingly, teaching my colleagues about client’s guidelines which I know very well went well.
  9. Ovaltine! I wanted to get Milo but for some weird reasons, I got Ovaltine. *random*
  10. Going to and from work AND working with Lester is going pretty well. 🙂

So, How was your week?

Ditz Revolution
PS. I’m still collecting questions for my introductory Q&A video, so if you have any questions, just write it below 🙂 Personal, Beauty, Life and Love questions are welcome. Looking forward to answering your Qs! 🙂 To those who aren’t subscribed yet, please support 🙂 I’ll try to do other videos other than makeup 🙂

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