It has been three weeks since I started my shopping ban. If you have no idea how I started, you can read about it HERE and HERE.

Last week was awesome as I was doing really well. Sadly, this week is a failure. I got paid for a small design job I did and guess what, we went straight to the mall!

  • I got myself new MUJI containers for my stuff (I don’t know where to categorize it so I am just considering it under makeup!)
  • I uber-ed twice! The first one I considered exempted because we were really tired from work and going off at 4pm under this hot weather, we can’t be bothered to hop on the train and bus!
  • I used my credit card for groceries which is fine.
  • We’ve been commuting for more than a month now. UGH, the amount of money we could have saved if only my friend’s cars is available!
  • We’re doing well with buses though. We just had couple of cab rides.
  • I got a new makeup remover and that is under skincare!
  • I was just invoiced by the Korean company (Sentronix) I contacted to purchase brush head refills! I haven’t paid for it though, but still…

You guys have no idea how disappointed I am with myself. I though I was doing good. The fact that I was just paid should help a lot in saving but no! Now, I don’t even have any idea where the money went. I’m currently using Lester’s money which I am trying to keep. I am blaming the commute and food and a little bit on my lack of self control. Plus the fact that I stopped listing down my/our expenses which I used to do religiously! I forget important things easily so I definitely need get back on track this coming pay day coz it really helps a lot.

I am not stopping. I will still push through the last 9 days. hopefully, nothing will add to my expenses. Sigh. UGHHH SO HARD!!!

9 more days, self! You can do this!!!

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