It’s not Saturday but I am posting this anyway. I just wanna share my obsession with Batiste!


Back in the Philippines, I used to wash my hair every single day (sometimes twice!) because of the horrible humid weather. When I started working in Singapore and Dubai, I started dyeing my hair red. You all know how red hair easily washes out so I had to learn how not to wash it everyday. Right now, I could go without washing my hair up to 3 days!!! It does sounds gross but I have feel like my hair has been thanking me for it. It’s all because of dry shampoo!

My hair gets really oily fast. I used to hate it but now, I’m already used to it. With this heat in Dubai, I would love to wash my hair every day but I cannot let my hair go under the hot water for a long time. If you live in Dubai, you’ll know how hot the water gets!

I discovered Batiste when I first came to Dubai. I got the original one (white) and I hated it. It made my head itchy and I didn’t like the smell. Plus, white powder shows up no matter how I try to brush it in. A year after, I found this! I don’t know what’s the difference between the formula but I love this one for dark hair! I love how I don’t feel the need of brushing it in on my head since it goes dark and blends in well. It claims that It absorbs excess oil and leaving hair feeling fresh and it really does! Smelling like cocoa is definitely a plus! I would definitely buy another soon as this one’s almost gone now!

Thanks to the hair gods, I can now go on up to 3-4 days without shampooing my hair. I can really tell the difference with my hair texture now than before.

How about you? Have you tried it? Do you have any favorite hair product? Let me know so I can also try it out 😉

6 thoughts on “Current Obsession | Batiste Dry Shampoo”

  1. I HATE WASHING MY HAIR and I should really try using a dry shampoo! I tried Dove but I HATED IT! I want to try Batiste kasi Kathleen loves it, haha pero wala ata dito. I’ll look for it again para naman malinis ang hair ko parati kahit walang ligo ligo ng ulo. HAHA.

    1. Yung favorite ni Katheleen yung una kong tinry pero mas gusto ko tong mga colored variants. I’ve only tried Sephora before and a sample from Oscar Blandi. Sobrang gusto ko yung Oscar but so expensive 🙁

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