About two weeks ago, I decided to jump on the probably hardest thing a girl can do: SELF-IMPOSED SHOPPING BAN! Honestly, it’s been really hard! I am a very impulsive buyer and most of the time, I do it when I’m stressed from work. Yes, I am blaming it to stress when I am only supposed to blame myself for not having self control. Two weeks! 17 more days ’til I can say I’m successful. Let’s see how I’m doing:

  • I haven’t purchased any makeup items yet! Actually, Nothing from my What I Cannot Shop For list YAYYYY!
  • No uber rides although I’m always tempted to click the app, because commuting under 40-degrees (Celcius) weather is hell-ish!
  • We’ve only eaten out once (last night!)
  • I’ve only used my credit card for metro card credits and last night’s food
  • I actually haven’t done a full grocery shopping but we’ve been calling for food delivery for dinner
  • I almost purchased hair dyes from amazon. Good thing I realized I still have bottles ofΒ red dye from last year!

But one time, I thought I was doing really good. I wasn’t taking cabs, not buying anything but the Universe decided to make me spend on something stupid. I got fined on the bus while I was on my way home! I paid 110DHS (that’s almost 1500 in Philippine Pesos!!!). Reason was really stupid. It was because I was standing beyond the yellow line where passengers aren’t allowed to stand on. But ~meh, I didn’t bother fighting for it anymore. I was too tired from all the commute.

Two weeks, I can do this!

How are you guys doing? πŸ™‚

EDIT: Just two days after posting this, I already Uber-ed twice and bought something from Muji. Reason: Just got paid for a small project. Sigh.

15 thoughts on “UPDATE #1: 30-Day Shopping Ban”

  1. Hala, what does the bus yellow line look like?

    I’ve been Uber-ing because it’s what I take when I’m drunk haha. Also, Joey offers to pay for some of my Ubers naman.

    1. may yellow line inside the bus na hindi ka pwedeng lumagpas. yun yung after nung ticket scanner. you cannot stand beyond that. pero sobrang siksikan and ayaw umusod ng mga babae so when dumating yun checker nakita nya lampas ako sa line. huhu

      1. Kaya always hungry ako ngayong shopping ban. Lol.

        I keep browsing through your blog. I have to stop kasi humahaba yung listahan ng gusto kong bilhin :))

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