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The Mercury retrograde is finally over and I can really feel that it has something to do with everything that happened in the past few weeks! I thought those random negativity won’t end but I am just so happy this week has ended with a HAPPY news.

So here are the 10 things that made me happy this week:

  1. Boss gave me 2 bags of M&Ms from his trip (this one’s different from the pack he gave from Canada, LOL)
  2. My shopping ban is surprisingly going well. I haven’t bought or paid for any unnecessary stuff plus I have been taking the bus! That means I am saving $$$. (Except yesterday when I was fined for some bus violation HEH)
  3. Partnership with Freedom! has been approved but I am still not quite sure if I will push it through.
  4. My Clash of Clans is town hall is finally on level 9! woohoo!
  5. iZombie finale! AHHHHHHHH!!!!
  6. My youtube channel is starting to have life! So happy!
  7. My hamsters! They’re almost 1 year old. I love them so much especially my little Piglet.
  8. Got a Dunkin’ Donuts loyalty card! Ahhhhh their iced coffee is my life! (I rarely drink coffee, FYI)
  9. Sending out school documents to mama! That means everything gets attested so we can ask for higher pay, LOL. (not really)
  10. And to the best happy thing that happened: we finally got the job we’ve been asking for! Thank you, Universe!

So, How was your week?

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PS. I’m planning to do an introductory Q&A video this weekend. I will be answering those from the pinned post and I would love if you’d ask questions, too. Personal, Beauty, Life and Love questions are welcome. Looking forward to answering your Qs! 🙂 To those who aren’t subscribed yet, please support smile emoticon I’ll try to do other videos other than makeup 🙂

9 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy things | 5”

  1. Hah, just like me I posted about the retrograde as well. Seriously, what was up with that shit?? Yay for shopping bans! I had a good run on May as well.

    1. I didn’t really believe in it until I realized that everytime I get mishaps and negativities in life, it happens during the retrograde! And just exactly after the one ended, good things came in!

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