Hi girls (and guys)! I’m back with another of my top 5! I’m going to list down my top 5 blushes today.

Blush was one of the first makeup product I have used other than pressed powders back in college.My very first blusher was from L’oreal which I think is already extinct in the market. I inherited it from my aunt! I also used to have one of those cheek tint that looks like nail polishes (Bench cheek and lip tint). I think I only tried out experimenting with blushes was when I was already working where I’d pass by the mall every time and I’ll see pretty pinks, peaches and corals in the store. Now that I have the means to get new and better ones, I’d love to share them with you.

MAC Gingerly. This one’s my very first MAC blush. I’m not into pink blushes, maybe you can already tell from my color choices from my videos and older blog posts, I love warm peachy to almost golden brown shades so this one’s perfect!


MAC Pinch Me. This one’s a bit similar to gingerly but with more coral in it. I like using this when I don’t feel like looking all bronzed up.  I love how it brightens up my look every time I use it.


NARS Amour. While everybody is loving NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat (such fun names!),  I am in love with this one. I didn’t bother getting those two because they’re just too shimmery for my taste. It is described as peachy pink but it’s actually a dark coral pink. I love how it’s matte and more on the drier texture which means you’re not gonna pick up a lot of product and can layer it ’til you get the desired color.


Bourjois Tomette. This is my go to blush whenever I can’t think of anything to use. It’s a very warm orangey color which usually compliments my favorite eye looks. It doesn’t really come out pigmented but that’s why I like it because I can control how much color I put on my cheek. The lovely scent is definitely a plus, too!


Colourpop Swift. This one’s definitely one everybody should try. It’s a warm brown blush which I think was made as a bronzer but I love it as a blush. I really think this will suit a wide range of skin tone because it’s very flattering and just gives the cheeks that healthy warm color.


What Top 5 something do you want to see next? Just let me know and let’s see what we can do about it.

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  1. I miss using a blush! I want to achieve that “sunburn” cheeks!(: But whenever I use bronzer naman it looks dirty haha!(: recommend a shade for me please.

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