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It’s already Monday in the Philippines but on my side of the planet, I still got 2 hours of Sunday. How are you guys? My 2-week leave is over and I am back to work. My boss gave me a can of M&Ms and planning to get me more ‘coz I told him one can is not enough! HAHAHAHA. #ingrata

Currently, I am…

Happy that my work load for today was not that heavy. I am also happy that the boss gave me lots of things to do, that means, campaigns can stay away from me for a while.

Listening DOTA sounds. UGHHH!

Watching MY youtube videos. hahahaha! I am so vain! Look at the image above!!!

Wishing for whatever my boss has planned for me pushes through soon. He only vaguely mentioned that he has something for me and I’ll be really happy and that gives me anxiety right now. My EQ is below sea level.

Hoping my blog will gain more readers. #attentionwhore

Wearing today’s top. A very loose and see through tank top. Super breezy because today’s weather sucks (which will go on for about 4-5 month more!)

Needing a raise/bonus. HEHE

Feeling full. I had so much for dinner. I was originally planning to eat less but…

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  1. I also watch my YouTube videos!! Kaya when YouTubers say that they don’t wathc their videos, I think that’s a lie! HAHA. Kasi me, I rewatch them, so I can see what I can improve on the filming and editing! HAHA.

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