Ahhh! This week has gone by so fast! My 2-week leave is over and though I really want to extend my leave, I am pushing myself to not to. I should go back to reality. I am ready to face my mac screen and go back to the drawing board AKA Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

So here are the 10 things that made me happy this week:

  1. I’ve finally got regualr visitors on my blog!
  2. I have started my self imposed shopping ban. Honestly, I am quite excited to get through this and hopefully I can go more than a month of not shopping.
  3. I was very productive this week. I have posted a lot on this blog. I think I am on the right track.
  4. After a year of hiatus, I am back on youtube! I finally gathered all the guts to film and upload. Yay!
  5. Seeing Pitch Perfect 2. Although I was quite underwhelmed, I’m all good because of Anna Kendrick’s face. Not enough Skylar Astin, though!
  6. I gained new acquaintances, soon to be friends by joining random beauty groups.
  7. My new header! Thanks to my dear friend, Gail!
  8. This HAPPY SAD Playlist I made.
  9. My boss came back from Canada and he really did what he promised! He got me chocolates. Yay!
  10. I got to chat with my closest college guy friend’s wife about makeup and life! Hi, Tin! <3

So, How was your week?

Ditz Revolution
PS. If you are interested in calligraphy classes, my friend, Gail holds private classes. You may see her works here: PAPERSTARSPH and visit here Facebook page to know her class schedules.

PPS. Shameless plug: Here is the latest makeup video I made (my come back video, LOL). I need your support on this <3

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    Naiyak ako sa Pitch Perfect 2, nakakataba ng heart yung performance nila sa Worlds.

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