Back in college, my friends would tease me that I am the ’emo’ kid among the class. I always wear black. I wear black eyeliner all the time. You get it, the stereotypical emo kid. But I am not! I was/am a happy kid but loves to be alone. Maybe because I was the one who probably has the saddest playlist. I think I like making myself sad? To balance things out? I don’t know.

While I was in the shower, I realized that I still keep on listening to same songs over and over, some I even started listening to back in college. I thought of sharing what I love listening to. Don’t judge, I also listen to upbeat and happy songs (Hello, One Direction, HAHAHA!).

I would love to fill this playlist with all Damien Rice and Blue October songs but that would be too sad. Here’s the playlist that I listen to when I feel like I need to make myself sad AKA My ‘Hugot’ Playlist. Seriously, who does that?! ME.

I will add more on this playlist in the future, so if you like me songs (hahaha~), you can follow me on Spotify. 🙂


Do you also love sad songs? If you do, maybe you can share you playlist too!

PS. I also have a Tito (old men songs) playlist, if you are interested. :p

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