shopping ban
I was supposed to start and post this on the 1st of June but on the second day, I already failed the plan. I went to the salon to have my hair fixed – trim and color. I wanted to do this few months ago, but stress = shopping. Plus, as you’ve read from my previous posts, I went to a beauty event so that seems impossible for me not to buy anything.

I know myself very well. I will find the smallest excuse to shop but this month, I am challenging myself to not to. I am doing this because if others can (that’s you, Helga and Pauline!), I can do it, too. I just need to practice control and discipline.

Here are my limits/rules:

What I Can Shop/Pay For:

  • groceries
  • toiletries (limited to: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, bathroom cleaner)
  • food
  • eating out (limited to: only 2-3 times this month)
  • adult stuff (mortgage, insurance, Spotify -LOL)
  • gift for Lester (it’s his birthday month)
  • cellphone credit
  • metro card credit
  • cab rides (limited only from/to the metro station)

What I Cannot Shop/Pay For:

  • MAKEUP (no exception!)
  • Clash of Clans gems (!!!)
  • skin care (i still have enough)
  • Starbucks
  • hair dye
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • hamster toys and accessories
  • hamster bedding and food (they still have enough for a month)
  • online shopping (ebay, amazon, alshop, souq, instagram stores)
  • uber rides (!!!)

Other rules:

  • I cannot use my credit card (only applicable for metro card credits and food)
  • I can extend this challenge if possible/feasible
  • I can add to the second list anytime
  • I am not entitled to hoard AFTER this 30-day ban

I am hoping I can do this challenge smoothly. If you have tips on how to get through this, please let me know. Universe, help! 🙂

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