I missed last week’s Friday because I was out of the city. I enjoyed friend’s company too much, I forgot to post. 🙂 Here are my 10 happy things:

  1. My 2-week leave has started and I can’t believe the first week has gone!
  2. I finally met my “instagram friend”, Beverly, the girl behind NURSETHEBEAUTY
  3. I get to sleep all day then only wake up for food and not worrying about work!
  4. My blog is starting to get noticed (VERY SLOWLY). I am starting to get followers, thank you guys!
  5. Someone contacted me for a product review for the first time. Sadly, I am in Dubai so we need to find a way for it to reach me. But still, the idea of someone interested motivates me to blog more. 🙂
  6. Beauty World Middle East 2015!
  7. I got a clarisonic-type of face brush from Korea for a very cheap price. The guy was so nice to offer to send us free brush heads, but I’m not sure if he’ll really do that. I might do a review soon!
  8. I met lovely design people, Hugo and Benjamin. They were so nice to explain design stuff with me
  9. I also finally met my dear friend, Diane, again after 2 years? She was the one who supplies me with Moniegold (tamarind candy) every time someone comes over to Dubai.
  10. I failed my shopping ban (I blame my very supportive girls!!!) but I am very happy with my purchases! I will be posting a detailed haul soon.

How about you? I hope you had a happy week! Ditz Revolution

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