Beautyworld Middle East 2015 is a 3-day event held at Dubai World Trade Center last May 25-27. Different beauty companies from different countries gathered in one event to showcase their products. I haven’t been to any other beauty conventions but I think this one is not like IMATS and such because they weren’t there to sell, but mainly to get future business partners and distributors. So, for us beauty lovers in Dubai, buying was just a plus (stalls only opened for selling on the third day and not even all of them were selling!). That was a good thing for me. 🙂



I am glad that I am currently on leave, I get to experience it this year. I went there on the second and third day. I met Bev, the lady behind Nursethebeauty. (FACT: I only knew her through Instagram)


This is the part that I know you are all waiting to see. I wasn’t sure at first if I should post this just few days after I posted about how I failed my self imposed shopping ban. Seriously, another haul? I have an excuse, you’ll understand later why I wasn’t able to resist buying.

Here are all the things I brought home after two days of attending the event. As I’ve said, they were only on-sale on the third day and only up ’til 5PM. I arrived arround 3:30PM! I only had more than an hour to roam around and see things. Most of the stalls are already packing up when I arrived.


I have been itching to buy a Clarisonic for the longest time but it is too expensive! Good thing Bev saw this from one of the stalls in the Korean pavilion. I got this one on the second day. I know I have mentioned that they were not selling that day but luckily, this Korean guy agreed to sell this. It’s from a company called Sentronix. They manufacture face cleansing brushes for different companies in other countries. I remember buying something like this from ebay (Tosowoong) but I broke it, so I bought a new one. Bev also got one! I wasn’t sure how much they were really selling it per unit but he gave it to us for 100AED and another 10% discount. He also offered to send us extra brush heads in the future, and we’ll only pay for the shipping. I really hope he does!

*I am not sure if I will review this one since they’re really not selling these in the market. They only manufacture for other companies, but if you guys want to see how it works, just let me know.


This is my first purchase on the third day. I went straight to Hall 6 to meet up with Bev as she told me she wanted to see Makeup Designory’s booth. I got these babies for 40AED each in shades Rustic and Soleil. Will be posting swatches in my future posts. 🙂


After Hall 6, Bev and I went straight back to International pavilion to meet up with my dear friend, Diane. And then I saw this. I’ve been wanting to try other matte lipsticks that stays on. I got it for 60AED, only to know that they were selling it for 40AED the other day! Ugh! This one’s probably the most expensive one I got in this haul (Sentronix, not counted).


My goal for the third day was to find hair products. I wasn’t really keen to get anything makeup related but I really wanted something for my hair. I got this one for 20AED from the Morocco pavilion. Since the event was ending, the guy who was on the booth was too kind to give away a tub of eucalyptus bath scrub. Oh man, both smells divine!


Got this one for free, too, as I passed by one of the stalls in the Morocco pavilion. Yay for more Argan Oil!


While still rushing to see what ever is left from the stalls, we passed by this stall from Brazil pavilion. They were trying to dispose everything fast! I wanted to get the other hair mask (Keratin one) but it’s already out of stock and then this other lady was pointing at this mask and telling me this is a good product. Sales talk, my friends. I got this for 20AED, I usually get hair masks from salons here for not less than 70AED.


I was already planning to visit the salon this weekend to have my hair lightened when I saw this booth at Turkey pavilion who sells hair dyes. I got these babies for 10AED each. Prices are so low, just for them to not bring them back. I am very excited to try these out!


Lastly, I got these 3-pieces for 10AED. I instantly picked up 6 and gave my money to the lady. So worth it!



All in all, I think I paid a little more than 300AED for everything. It was less than the amount I personally set to myself! So I am still kind of proud of these purchases even if I failed. I promise, June will be a healthy no-buy month. I will definite post about my limits soon.

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