NOTE: This is a collective haul!

Most of the items above – Wet n wild palette, lipstick (not in photo) ELF brushes and the NYX eyeliner – were pre-ordered from Julie, the pretty face behind LabelleDubai. Since it’s pre-ordered, I feel like every purchase from her is justified. I had to wait for couple of weeks to get everything but it really is worth it. Her shop is by far the cheapest online seller I know here in Dubai. I will definitely purchase from her again.

Others – MAC pigment in Blue Brown, eyebrow pencils from Prestige and Maxfactor, Maybelline GreatLash, and Duo lash glue – were bought randomly. Like whenever I pass by the drugstore and I just can’t leave the shop without getting anything! Please tell me how to stop.

I actually imposed a makeup shopping ban to myself for the month of April and May. I failed. Obviously, I wouldn’t be posting this if I didn’t. The image above is a proof of my failure. And I will be failing even more because May hasn’t ended yet, and Beautyworld Middle East is happening ’til Thursday! Help!

On my defense, I have been really stressed this past few months. I needed to reward myself. I needed an outlet – SHOPPING! I have no control! Sometimes I hate myself for it, but recently, I’ve only been buying things/makeup that I really want and sure that I will use. And I am quite proud of myself that these cost less than 500AED! (I usually spend more!) I just hope I will have the discipline to not to buy on my next shopping ban. Universe, help!

Do you have this problem too? I really wanna know how to stop buying things. Let’s help each other!

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  1. I have the same concern too, but I did a no makeup buy for the month of April and it’s hard at first but I was able to do it. In fact, it feels really good not to spend for makeup and it feels even better to used up the ones you still have. You should try it again and you’ll see.. Good luck!

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