Nope! You won’t find Game of Thrones on this list. Yes, I watch it but unlike MOST of you, I am not hooked. It’s good but it’s just not for me. I’m not closing my doors, though. I used to watch New Girl until I got tired of it, but seeing New Girl posts on Tumblr and seeing Schmidt propose to Cece, I wanna start watching again. And then there’s Once upon a Time. I stopped watching ’til half of Season 2. Idk. I got bored of it. Oh, did you say Arrow? I hated it. I stopped watching after 2 or 3 episodes. Why? Laurel. Haha!

Here are 5 shows I am hooked on and I will always be waiting for a new season:

The Vampire Diaries

I have been watching this for years. I only started watching it midway of their third season. I admit, I think it has past its prime. Season 5 sucked. Season 6 is MEH. No more Elena. No more Jeremy. I don’t know how else they can continue the story. Despite all that, I just can’t stop watching it. I only started watching it because of Ian and then Klaus and then here comes Kai. I just hope Season 7 will be worth it and personally, I want it to end already!

The Originals

I have already mentioned Klaus. He’s probably the only reason why I watch this show. And can I just say, their story is way better than The Vampire Diaries. My Klaroline shipper heart still wants Caroline and Klaus to happen but I don’t think that’d happen anytime soon. Please Julie Plec, Klamille is not going to happen! I just finished watching the season finale and I cried. But who’s gonna be the new antagonist? Davina Claire? Will they be able to bring Kol back? I can’t wait for the next season.

How to get away with murder

Okay, I wasn’t interested when this started. I just have started watching Better Call Saul before I started watching this when I saw my twitter feed being bombarded with things about this show. I only get ideas of which shows to watch from my twitter feed and after reading all the hype after the finale, I gave in. Cheesus cries! This show made my brain work so much, it gave me headaches! From then on, I stopped following BCS and started binge-watching this series. I cannot wait for Season 2!


Another one of those shows that are not really my thing. I tried to stay away from this but my husband was so hooked that I have no choice but to watch it too! I had to ask him to show me all Hannibal related movies so I could understand the show better (he still had to explain some parts because I hate thinking!) Mads Mikkelsen is such a good actor and the character fits him well. And of course, Hugh Dancy! It’s coming back on June, so yay!!!


Last but not the least! Something light and fun. Something to help my brain calm down from too much stress. I wasn’t so sure about this show at first because: zombies. I wasn’t really a fan. I had no idea it was a comic series (duh! what do I know about comics?) I can’t believe I’m saying this but I like David Anders in this. Not his typical boring character (hello! John Gilbert!). Watching Rose McIver as Liv is also a treat! I love her face. I am just so happy there will be a next season.

There you go, I only watch 5 shows! I know you guys are probably watching more. It would be nice if you could suggest anything for me to watch. 🙂

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