People who are closest to me know that I easily lose track of things happening. There are times that I won’t remember anything even if I’ve mentioned about it. There was one time, I wore slippers at work because I forgot to wear my shoes. Sometimes, I’ll go out of the room to get something and then forget what I was supposed to get. I know, that happens to everyone! My grandma had Alzheimer’s, so it’s a bit scary.

So let’s see how good or bad my memory is. I’ll try to recall the earliest memories that I can. These are memories when I was 4 or 5 years old. I don’t know if any of these actually happened.

  1. We still lived in McArthur Road in Fort Bonifacio (BGC and The Fort doesn’t exist!) I was just starting school (Kindergarten) and I used to cry every day for the first few months. I can only remember those days that I’d cry. I remember on day it was my uncle who brought me to school and the guard had to carry me back in because I was trying to run after my uncle. I think I only stopped crying when I was introduced to Ate Dancel (or Danzel – I can’t remember how it was spelled).
  2. My baon was 2-pesos. That was for ice cream! I don’t really need cash since my class was only half-day.
  3. I remember riding a vehicle (a Ford Fiera?) with mama and others early in the morning thinking we were going to Baguio to go swimming. Then thinking about it now, I realized it was probably just in JUSMAG or somewhere near.
  4. Every afternoon, I had to nap (so I’ll grow fast!) but I won’t take a nap until I get to finish watching Anna-Luna.
  5. We didn’t have our own toilet/bathroom, so we had to go my cousin’s house to use the toilet and take a bath. In my case, I had a potty and I take bath outside out tiny house! When ever mama had to go, I would run after her and cry like crazy.
  6. I think I have stolen a lot of my cousin’s toys. HAHAHA! I didn’t mean to steal it. I thought whatever she has is also mine.
  7. Papa made a seat on his bike so I can ride with him. He even tried to be creative, He used a carpet to make the seat “softer”. There are days he’d bring me with him to work or just bike around the Fort Bonifacio.

I can’t think of anything anymore. The next ones that comes to mind are memories when we moved to Laguna. I feel like I am just tying up random snippets of my childhood to make up a story. Hi Ma! Tell me if these are true or I am just making up stories. HAHAHA!

You, what is your earliest memory?

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