Well hey! I did the recent post on whim, not even taking time to think. Most of the items listed are random and very general which most of you can say, “Hey! I am like that, too!” and I think 23 is not enough for you to know about me.  (I feel like this is such a narcissistic post and I am pushing myself too much for you guys to like/know me, but whatever!) So here are 23 more things that you might relate to:

  1. I only got my first e-mail address when I was a college freshman. I would go to the internet shop everyday to check if someone e-mailed me, which is very unlikely coz I barely know anyone!
  2. I used to go on yahoo chatrooms and randomly chat with cute boys. HAHAHA!
  3. I also used to go on chat roulette and fake-play my ukulele.
  4. I had a huge crush on Jemal Vizcarra (UST Tigers!) and I was very lucky to have neighbors/housemates who plays for UAAP Basketball. They would give me free patron tickets and I would cheer my heart out for Jemal. hahaha!
  5. I met my husband through tumblr.
  6. We met in January (I forgot the year – 2009 or 2010 – but I think it was 2010. Who cares about the year, right?) and the became a couple in February. I fall fast, okay?
  7. I got my Singapore job thru jobstreet.
  8. I used to fall asleep while eating when I’m back in college.
  9. I only started drinking after dropping out my thesis class. Because dropping my thesis meant I won’t be able to graduate on time but I can do anything I want until the next semester.
  10. I’m a bad drinker. I cry when I’m drunk. UGLYCRY!!!
  11. I had to work in sales and get commissions so I can pay for my thesis class!
  12. I was getting good money until I fucked up a job. I lost around 40K from my sales. ugh!!!
  13. I liked a guy who’s 12 years older than me. Hi, Cholo!
  14. I also liked guy who is 3 (or 4) years younger than me. Hi, Pogs! Hahahahaha!
  15. I started a youtube account 6-7 years ago and I posted one-minute chatty video everyday. I deleted all of them, though and started a new one. SHAMELESS PLUGGING I haven’t posted for more than a year… 🙁
  16. I love long-trips on the road only for the reason that I love sleeping in a moving vehicle.
  17. I am terrified of plane rides.
  18. There was one day in college when I decided to wear a skirt and tried to be girly. Then come lunch time, I was running to my seat on our lunch table and then I tripped, lost my balance and hit my head on the metal chair. I was more concerned of the wounds on my knees when my friends pointed out that my face is bleeding. I got a huge cut on my eyebrows! The horror! So we had to run to the clinic which was so far (UST people knows how far Beato Angelico is from the clinic. So yeah, I had stitches. Never again did I wear a skirt in school.
  19. I have no idea how Me and Kai became best friends. Hi Kai!
  20. I got 1.0 in College Algebra which is very unlikely coz I rarely do my home works and quizzes. On the other hand, I got 5.0 in FILIPINO which was an error by my professor. Hello! How can I fail Filipino class?
  21. My first job was as an art teacher. I got the job thru my professor. I loved that job, if only it pays well. 🙁 But it was also through this job that I realized I can’t teach because I tend to favor other students coz they’re cuties!
  22. I sleep with lights on and I fall asleep faster when it’s noisy.
  23. I don’t like avocado.

I think these are enough. Enough to embarrass myself. Did any similar things happened to you? I wanna know more about you guys! <3

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