I have been thinking of what to post and I thought, you guys still don’t know much about me. My about me section doesn’t say much and need more information, so here are random facts about me.

  1. I’m a part-scorpio, part-sagittarian. My birthday falls in between two zodiac signs!
  2. To add to the complication, I use two birthdays. I was born 22nd of November but legally, I have to use 23rd!
  3. I’m a notorious stalker/snooper.
  4. The very first CD I bought was Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory. My highschool friend lost it and until now, I still haunt him about it.
  5. I don’t like lechon skin but I love pork fat.
  6. I don’t like soup on my seafood. No seafood sinigang for me!
  7. I used to not like tinola.
  8. I was called “Nelly Kambing” (Nelly the goat) back in gradeschool because my laugh sounds like a goat. No idea where Nelly came from.
  9. I’m an official eye donor BUT I CAN’T FIND MY DONOR I.D. 🙁
  10. I wanna retire in Ilocos.
  11. I am scared of puppets and clowns.
  12. I am terrified of heights.
  13. I rarely eat crabs because I don’t know how to eat them. I don’t know which parts to eat.
  14. When I’m sad, I lie on the floor. Hoping papa would pick me up. 🙁
  15. I love Ilonggo accent!
  16. I wish I was left-handed. I think they’re all cute when writing.
  17. I wanted to become a fireman up ’til now.
  18. I used to work, think, eat super slow. One of my professors called me “Slowee” back in college.
  19. I was an ugly kid. People thought I was an alien. SERIOUSLY!
  20. I moved schools 8 times ’til college.
  21. I got my internet name from Luna, Princess of Darkness from the Japanese Peter Pan series (Peter Pan No Bouken). She was my favorite character.
  22. Coffee makes me sleepy.
  23. I wanted to marry Justin Timberlake!!!

I could have posted more but for now, I’ll keep it 23. How about you? I wanna know more about you, too!

0 thoughts on “23 facts about me!”

  1. Ang ganda ng 2 birthdays HAHAHAHAA sana ako din.

    I love the Ilonggo accent, too! So lambing. I hate naman how Ilocano sounds and I can say that cos my mom’s Ilocana!

    1. I used to hate it coz no one seemed to greet me on time. But now mas mahaba pa nagiging celebration ccoz of my family in US.

      I love rin how Ilocano sounds. At least hindi kasing ingay namin mga Batangueños.

    1. Yep! Sobrang favorite ko sya, na-tyaga kong idownload buong series nya na mano-manong direct download per episode 🙂 Nakuha ko rin yung Luna sa Marina (oo yung sirena show ng ABS-CBN) kasi paborito ko si Meryll Soriano. HAHAHAHA

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