I’ve been sulking in the corner and just listening to Damien Rice (he makes me sad, real sad!) for days now. It has been rough for me this past few weeks so I decided to look back at the positive things happening in my life. Thank you, Helga, for this!

Here are my happy things:

  1. It’s been a week or two since I started posting on my behance and I have been getting random personal messages from fellow designers complimenting my work. I have always thought my work was mediocre (I still do!) but whenever I see people liking my work, it excites me and makes me want to do better.
  2. Speaking about work, I also have been getting design offers from Linkedin! That’s too random for me!
  3. One of our clients requested for a major photo retouching where we were sent an image with women and they wanted to replace all women with men. I was like, WTF, why can’t they just take a new photo WITH men! But then again, they always has to be right, so I did it. They were shocked and impressed with the retouch job. 🙂
  4. I’ve mentioned already how Damien Rice’s songs makes me sad, but they also make me happy. It’s a happy kind of sadness. I feel like his songs are speaking to me, not that I feel the same way coz I really don’t want those to happen to me. They just bring me back to my emo days. LOL.
  5. iZombie is getting another season!!!
  6. I was able to walk away from purchasing something from MAC. I was already at the counter, almost handed out my card then I backed out! I am so proud of myself because I usually buy stuff that I don’t really need!
  7. James Reid! HAHAHAHAHAHA Please don’t judge! I feel really old including him on this list.
  8. I finally got to drop by the pet shop and get new food and sand bath for my hammies. Finally cleaned the cages again after weeks of not doing so (Spunky’s cage started to stink, LOL). After cleaning, they both got really hyper and coming to my hand when they hear me calling them. *melts*
  9. Jollibee has finally opened in Dubai Mall!!! I haven’t been there, though. I’m just waiting for the hype to subside because I don’t want to queue for hours!
  10. I got my most number of views for my blog in years this week! I also haven’t been this happy with how it looks. I really need to get back on track. Universe, please help!

So there! I am really hoping for more happy things to happen in the next few week. I really need it. Ending this blog post with, of course, Damien Rice. Tell me, this is already an obsession, yes?

‘Cause we can’t take back
What is done, what is past
So let us start from here…


Ditz Revolution


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  1. Ang ganda ng #3 HAHAHAHAHA nakakainis. I need to catch up on iZombie! But I’m glad it’s been renewed.

    Thanks for joining, sana sumaya ka na. <3

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