Hi guys! I don’t wanna start this post again with reasoning out why I haven’t been posting (again). UGHLAZY! (Oops, I think I just did)

It has been years since I did my last “What’s in my bag” post, and I was cleaning out my bag, I thought of doing it again.

This is the bag I have been using as of the moment. I am not familiar with the brand but I got it from souq.com. I just thought the color was a nice touch since I mostly wear just black.

And here are what’s inside:

I’m not sure if the contents of my bag is normal for a working person coz I think it suits more for a student. I mean really… I have 4 notebooks, the smallest one doesn’t even have anything on it and the other three serves as my “expenses journal”. Most of what’s written on the three are the same stuff. I have no idea why I do that but I feel like I am missing aomething if I don’t write my expenses on every notebook I have. LOL. And of course, pens! I tend to lose pens a lot so I hoard! Also, please don’t judge me coz of my m&ms stash. I keep about 3 bags of m&ms on a daily basis. It’s my stress meds!

Most of the time, those are what’s in my bag… what’s in yours?

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