I have been planning to do a favorites video just so I could get back on track on my “youtube life”. It has been on hiatus for a year now. I just can’t find a way to film in this room with my husband coz he’s playing his games most of the time. So, I will just do it here, and will do a 3-month collective one. Here it goes:

TV show: 
If you guys know me, I have been and still obsessing over my vampires for years now. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are on top of the list. Mid-January, I decided to try watching something else. I got into the How to get away with murder bandwagon. After one episode, I knew I had to try to binge watch coz I know myself too well, I will get attached and go crazy over it. I just finished it yesterday and oh my God, they’re all so fucked up! It’s just too good, I can’t wait for the second season. I think it’s the most “grown-up” show I’ve ever seen since the only series I watch are mostly about vampires and witches. I am still forcing myself to watch Game of Thrones, still stuck on Season 2 coz I just can’t make myself finish an episode without dozing off! I’m sorry.

Phone app:
Snupps! It’s like instagram but with 1000% of OC-ness. It’s were you can post any collections you have. Makeup, shoes, clothes, you name it. It maybe like a way to brag but I actually wanna see what other people have, especially makeup! In the back of my mind, I say it’s bad for me coz I tend to want all of the things I see and buy it too!  I may not have a lot of followers, but I like it coz it’s so organized! (If you have it, follow me: lunalunnstarr)

I have been loving these for quite a while now. For my bases, I have been using this trio: MAC Strobe Cream + Bourjois Happy light matte primer + Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation. On my cheek, I use Bourjois blush in Tomette. For the eyes, I have been doing the same eye look ever since I got my NARS dual intensity eyeshadow in Desdemona, mixed with NARS eyeshadow in Persia and then throw in some Makeupgeek Cocoa Bear or MAC Texture. I don’t think I will ever get tired of using my warm colored eyeshadows! I have also been using my CLIO Killer black eyeliner which was given to me by my cousin. I really need to stock up on this coz it’s really good! For lips, I feel in love with Rimmel Provocalips because of it’s staying power. I call it “the mistress lipstick” coz it doesn’t transfer (no evidence! get it?)


I have been really loving the weather in Dubai during February-March. I am not into cold weather coz I get really chilly so during these months, it’s not that cold. I am missing it already coz since we entered April, winter season has been switched off. No transition, just sandstorm then heat!

There you go! How about you guys? What are your favorites?

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