Today’s post is dedicated to my late uncle, Tito Jun, Gen. Felipe Tabas, Jr.

I used to be really scared of him when I was a kid. I used to stay with them every summer, even when Papa was still alive. He would command us to sleep during siesta time, take note, command! Like we have no choice but to really go to sleep or else, we can’t go out to play.

Even after my father’s death, we would still stay with them during vacation, up until high school. And yeah, I was still scared of him. Okay, scared is not the right term. Intimidated? Because he can really be intimidating. The way he talks, his walk and when he shouts, you really have no choice but to follow. I think that’s why we all respect him so much.

Death is inevitable. You really don’t know when it will happen. One day you’re healthy, next day you’re not. That’s just how life goes. But I am sure he is happy with what he has done in his life and what he and his family has achieved. A lifetime well spent!

Tito, you will be remembered! We are proud of you. Have fun with Papa and ate E-an. 🙂


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