Few days ago, I turned 27! I had a 3-day birthday celebration (because it was on a weekend!). It started on the 21st, where I cooked some pasta and my cousin’s friends came over to ‘surprise’ me. Unfortunately, I caught them fixing the room, putting on balloons and other decorations, so it wasn’t a surprise anymore.

I don’t know what happened to all those years that have passed. I don’t feel like 27. I don’t even feel like an adult at all. In my head, I’m still 23 (probably the best year of my entire life). I don’t think I even act like my age. I admit, I’m still immature and very much a crybaby. But I am very proud of myself for all that I have done. I am proud that I have been away from my family even though I miss them very much. I just hope they’re proud of what I have accomplished, too.

I am writing this blog post to thank everyone who greeted me (even though most of you guys just saw it on facebook, hehe). Kai, my uncles, aunts and cousins. Renren’s friends, who barely know me but still made an effort to celebrate my birthday with me. My tumblr friends, colleagues and classmates. And of course, Mama, Jino and Starr. Thank you and I miss everyone!

Dian send me a link to this video. Though I have seen this a couple of times already, still, thank you! Can I have a Tom Hiddleston? No? Okay.

Update on my wishlist: I have already ordered that NARS foundation that I like. You may still give me any of those four. Hehe.

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