It’s been almost four months since I got married, I mean, we got married. If you guys have no idea who Mr. Starr is, well, he is an amazing artist and a very cute boy (haha!)

We got married here in Dubai. I think everything happened just like how we got together. Fast. No fancy proposal. No fancy anything. Just a random “Let’s get married!” and a “Yes!”. For our friends who know us, it’s not unusual that it happened like that. I instantly requested for the requirements from my mom and within a week, she sent us everything. We applied for marriage and there you go, 11th of July 2013, we were Mr. and Mrs. Starr.

It happened. With just a pair of witness, no fancy dress, not even a bouquet of flowers! No photos on the actual event coz it was super crowded… but we have these!

_DSC0060 copy








I love you, Starr! And I miss you even though your just sitting in front of me.

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