Hi world!

Here I am. Did you miss me? What’s new? Well, my first 25 years of existence have ended. Honestly, I feel like I’m still a teenager trapped in this aging body. Working on all these maturity issues, work responsibilities, still not saving up for the future and trying to live up one day at a time is starting to stress me out. I feel like I can’t even live up to this YOLO thing anymore! LOL.

I even had to change my hair back to this boring brown color. Red was just a phase. I think almost a year of red is enough to say that I did it and I’m happy. It will be part of my boring history.

Last week was not that bad. My mom came here to visit us and I spent my birthday the usual way, in bed. I’m happy that way. I’m currently writing this while I’m a t work course I am bored and I can’t be bothered to start on this new project!

What else? I got myself a gift. A new phone. We stayed at Ritz-Carlton last Sunday to Tuesday but I wasn’t able to enjoy it that much coz I had to work. Sucks! And I have to pay for that when the dreaded credit card bill arrive. Why do we have to grow old, I wish I could just live in Neverland and never grow old 🙁

So there. Nothing much happened. It could have been better is Star is with me, too. I will be posting my favorite birthday greetings from my loved ones when I get home. For now, you can just stare at my face… hahaha!


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