Jeezas! What is redundant?!

August 20 marked my first year of stay here in Singapore. That was freakin’ fast! It was a fast roller coaster ride. Work is fine but it stresses me to death and it gives me the worst headache ever! I have decided to end my contract and I don’t care about the cash bond anymore, I just want to get out of here. This coming Tuesday will me my last day and on that same day, I’ll see Star again! Woot! Oh, it has also been a year since I last saw Star.

I’m pretty excited for everything especially to see Star again and to start with my new job but I am still praying for an offer from somewhere else. Hopefully I get that one. Is it bad to claim everything I want? No. Okay, then I am claiming that I’ll get that offer!

Lately, I’ve been really grumpy coz I am frustrated that Star didn’t go straight here from Dubai and I know it pisses him off. Well, what can I do? I got too excited with everything and it didn’t happen. So there, still grumpy but this is my normal self. Little Miss Grumpy.

I will also be posting make-up related stuff in the upcoming posts. You can’t blame me! The only thing I did while I was on my ‘hiatus’ was to buy make-up online. So there, just a little update for you guys (like you care!). See you soon!

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