First of all, I am back, again! I was away for a while and shutting down this blog was one of the choices I had. What was I thinking right? I know this is a waste of space in the internet but I decided to just keep it. 🙂

Here’s the bag I use. I got it just last monday from Cotton On for just 5$. Pretty cheap for a pretty big bag.

So, here’s what’s inside. Yes, there are just few items in my bag. My back hurts pretty fast when I carry heavy things because of scoliosis so I keep it really minimal. I even go to work with just my ipod and wallet sometimes.

  1. My pseudo-moleskin notebook where I try to write thoughts and doodle. It was just last week when I decided to bring it again.
  2. Unipin .1 pen – I’ve been using this brand since college. I actually bought all the available pen points last March.
  3. Pressed powder which I RARELY use. I’m using a different powder in the morning and it’s so effective that there’s no need to use this anymore.
  4. A nude lipstick from Nichido. A cheap brand from the Philippines but I love it. It does the job. Again, I rarely use this coz I’m not really a lippie person
  5. Comb – this is actually Gee’s comb. Hehe.
  6. Wallet – which has no money, LOL!
  7. Phone – which I also rarely use. It takes me the whole day to answer back. I even had week-old messages that I haven’t read.
  8. iPod touch (headphones not in photo) – can’t live without it!
  9. Change – I usually just bring enough money for the day (5-10$) and the coins left are just left in my bag
  10. EZLink card – ain’t it cute?
  11. House keys -of course! duh!

There, nothing interesting. I love big bags but I can only bring few things. Also, you should do this too! 🙂

PS. Last year I made this post and I am thinking I should re-do it. Yes? 🙂

4 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?”

  1. I was reading your latest What’s In Your Bag when I saw this on one of the featured ones below the said post. (Dami kong sinabi ang gusto ko lang namang sabihin ay) we have the same bag! Heehee. Mine gave up on me though but I had it for a while. Hihi.

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