I haven’t posted anything interesting for the past month and I feel like I have deprived you guys from what you want, more of me! Kidding!

Ah! Gee moved in with us, finally met up with Aia after 5 months of being here,  Mama visited me and my brother here in Singapore, dyed my hair again and… seriously, I can’t even think of anything interesting. January passed by so fast that I can’t even remember what actually happened.

So, I guess I’ll just leave you staring at our faces.

My lovely ombre
with this super lovely girl, Aia
Puss and Me

Lastly, a family photo! Let’s just imagine that Puss is Papa. <3

Family Portrait

And oh! Hello February, I am very much excited because in few days, we’ll be in Kuala Lumpur, out of impulsive booking, yay. What is this Attraction Marketing I just got in my email? Bye! 🙂

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