So I am this girl who either do something with my hair or get a new piercing when I’m stressed. I already have 10 piercings and as much I want to add more, my mom might kill me. So I’m left with either cutting my hair really short or dyeing it. My hair have gone through a lot this year. It came to a point that I bleached my hair to get the red I want and repeated the process about three times within a month.

Before I got here in Singapore, I decided to go back to brown. But my love for hair dye came back and now I am back with light brown. Today I decided to bleach my hair (well, half of it) and now it’s rusty yellow. Take note, I dyed my hair twice already since last week. I used Palty hair bleach and i love the product. It made my hair softer, seriously. I was trying to do ombre, but meh~ I actually don’t care but I will do another round sometime til the end of the week. Also, I will dye Gee’s hair too! Yay yay!

I also got myself a hair iron for 20$ from Sasa instead of the one I was really planning to get which costs 60$, so yay for destroying my hair! :p

Here is how my hair evolved just this year:

5 thoughts on “Lovin’ locks: a vanity blog post”

  1. im the same, cant leave my hair alone for 5 minutes. its a bit ruined at the moment…as in quite dry. i bleached it and dyed it red in the summer then did it brown and black several times and now its black with dark purple roots :-/
    i love the red shade you did but the dark brown makes u look younger

  2. Can I vote for my favourites out of the above, O’ Lock-lover!

    So, starting at the left top with 1 and moving right…I liked 1, 9 and 10.

    Curious. Do you have any favourites too? 🙂

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