I have always been told that whenever I have problems, think of all those people suffering on the other side of the world, those people who have bigger problems than mine. Or when I feel like I lost everything and nowhere to go, think of those who are homeless. Or when I can’t finish my food, think of those who starve, things like that.

Okay, so what’s your point now? That’s just plainly stupid. From a selfish person’s point of view, why would I consider them? Why would I even care? What’s the whole point? It’s me, here we are talking about. Would it even matter if I think of them? Will my thoughts feed them? Will it make them feel better? Will it make ME feel better? No. I’ll be just attracting all these negative thoughts even more. A lose-lose situation right in front of my face!

Hey, I am a very selfish person. Self-centered, more even. It even comes to a point when I won’t care about other people at all. Hah! Okay, consider donating to charity. How sure are you that the money you send out reaches those people? With every charity group asking for donations, how sure are you that they are legit charity institutions? Again, lose-lose situation. I lose my money, the only money I have and they still suffer. Why would I give something I already have to people I wouldn’t even know if they’ll give my stuff to the ones who  need it more?

Why do I think like this? Well, yourself is all you’ve got. The more you are vulnerable to other’s situation, the bigger chance that you’ll get cheated on. With that, the more you’ll feel terrible. So why the hell would I care for others, when I can’t even take care of myself? This’d get negative reactions or whatever because most of you are hypocrites and won’t admit to yourselves that what I am saying is true.

Come on! How come there are still millions of people starving? Hah! Probably because there are a lot people who thinks like I do. Don’t hate on me and admit it, a lot of people are selfish, self-centered.  What a shame, right? Are you selfish?

This selfishness I am blabbering about is pointless. I am just thinking out loud.

Did you get my point? No? Bye.

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  1. wow. I don’t mean to pass judgement. But I question whether being selfish makes you happy? To be truly selfish you have to be selfless, because then the better yourself will be , and thats all truly selfish people want. A better self.

    1. Well, I’m really not always like that, but sometimes, I am. It just came to a point that that thought came up to me and I was like, yeah, that has a point. But then, in reality, I care a lot. To the point that I don’t prioritize myself. This post, as what I wrote on the tag came from 50% of my self (my other self) and more of a thought vomit. I am selfish and self-centered but most of the time, I don’t live up to those labels. Hah~ I am bad at explaining. :p

      1. with that statement, you’re such a hypocrite, to the next level actually. You’re worst than that. You can’t just blabbing on issues you think you’re so aware of, and then one person tells you this then you shift your thoughts and beliefs. See how you laid out so strongly your thoughts in there. Such a strong conviction yet you easily bend. How is that even possible? You’re a non-conformist first, and then you conform, that’s understandable. But, see? You conform to almost anything, Maybe someone laid that thought to you and then you easily blend in. Then someone contradict that thought, then, you all came up with your other self who’s actually the opposite of that thought you strongly laid out up there… I don’t know anymore woman. You just don’t go write something so strong like that at the spur of a moment without enough basis, and then bend in a second.

        1. I am indeed a hypocrite and I know that 100% that is why I probably thought all of these. You see, you can’t tell me what to write or not because these mainly are my issues that I, myself, could not fix and understand so I blurted out everything just like that. On conformism, I think I have stated already on my previous posts that I am a conformist-nonconformist. Meh I suck at explaining but that’s just how my mind works. 🙂

          By the way, thanks for pointing it out. 🙂 *goes to the corner to fix my issues*.

  2. A great proportion of us are more selfish than we care to admit. Conveying an image of philanthropic or altruistic intentions has often led to ones furtherance in social ladder…as humans started noticing this, naturally, they indulged blissfully in the act.

    There are only a handful who truly think about others. But like the eclipse, they are rarely seen! 🙂

    1. True.

      I was kind of hesitant to post this one because I was afraid not everyone would get me and take this negatively -which is understandable. And it’s funny because I cannot even defend myself from what they say because I also know it’s true. Crazy. LOL.

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