This morning i was half-awake and this dream came up to me. I got into an accident where I was riding a jeepney. It was all vague but you were there. I was crying (again) when I saw you but this time I wasn’t crying when I woke up. You were just there, standing. It looked like you have no idea who I was but when I ran into you and gave you a hug, you hugged back. I’ve always wanted to see you again after some years of not showing up. I have dreamt of that place before, over and over, but that’s the first time I saw you there.

You looked pretty neat and extremely handsome and young, too! I actually hesitated to look at you because I wasn’t sure but you were wearing this old school blue polo shirt you were always wearing when you were still with us. Oh wait! You were wearing that shirt on the photo!

Anyway, I woke up early and I hate it because it’s Saturday and I should still be sleeping by now but here I am blogging about it because I might not remember the dream if I didn’t. I’m just so glad you showed up. I missed you. I know you showed up because your birthday is coming and I’m telling you, it’s marked on my calendar already so you don’t have to worry about me not remembering it.

I hope you visit me again in my dreams soon, papa.

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