I’m turning 24 in a couple of months (I’m not excited) and I still know what I want for my life. Sure, I want to be successful, to get rich, to have a family, to live abroad, the usual stuff. I want a career and life upgrade but I actually don’t know how and where to start.

When I was young (not that I’m old, duh), I wanted to become a soldier, like my father. I saw ¬†myself wearing fatigue uniforms, those boots and bull caps. I also wanted to become a firefighter. I know it’s unusual for a young girl to want that. Most girls would dream of being married to a prince, or become an actress, a model, well, not me. Being an artist was also part of my childhood dreams. I wanted to draw, paint, sculpt, build stuff out of trash.

Believe or not, that’s what I’m doing now. Sometimes I’d get too lazy to do it, but I have to. Good thing I got the talent from my father. Though I’m not that good, but at least. I’m happy with what I am doing but I still want more. I’m human, there’s no contentment. I want more for the future.

I know I’m not making a point here. I guess it’s better to end this now.

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