This is me and my bestfriend, Kai. She likes colors, dresses, shoes, bags and all those girly things you can think of. I, on the other hand, likes dark, weird things which she’s really not into. I don’t like her music (mostly Korean and Japanese) and I don’t like being too girly (which she is!). She’s not into rock and anything noisy, she doesn’t like wearing dark makeup the way that I do. Basically, we are total opposites and┬áhonestly, I have no idea how we clicked.

We met in college. I really can’t remember how we first met. We just agreed earlier that we met in our college’s restroom. Then there goes college, did lots of things after college and even worked together in the same company. Sometimes, I’d travel to their place in Calamba during weekends when I’m bored in Manila, sleepover and just talk all night. We like to talk about work, school and of course, boys. We even decided what surname we’ll have in the future (but it didn’t happen to me, haha!)

I don’t know where this blog post will end, but the only point I want to say is that I miss her. Yiheee, I am not really vocal about these things, but yes, Kai, I miss you! Don’t worry, I’ll see you when I come home and we’ll have our own trip—Bad trip! Food trip! Or probably just go somewhere (not overseas coz we’re cheap!) So I guess I’ll just end this post with this:


P.S. She also has a blog. She blogs about food, her Korean boys, fashion and more!


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